All-in-one cloud platform to easily launch and scale WordPress sites

Let’s reboot WordPress hosting

We built an easier, faster and more secure WordPress cloud platform to support your online ambitions and reach your goals.

Get going fast

Launch new WordPress sites instantly and seamlessly.
Create your WordPress site with the integrated builder. No coding needed.
Our experts will migrate your existing WordPress sites for free.

Turbocharge your site

Cache your site in 275+ datacenters globally for fast load times anywhere.
Images and static content are optimised and compressed automatically.
Super fast in-memory PHP en database caching layer.

Keep your site secure

Firewall to protect your site against DDoS attacks, bad bots and other malicious traffic.

Real-time malware detection and removal to stop known and zero-day attacks.

Receive alerts in case urgent vulnerabilities are found in your site installation.

We have your back

Our recommendation engine will frequently check if your site can made faster or more secure.

Something went wrong? Back-ups and malware removal are included to get you back online quickly.

Need help? Our friendly and experienced team is ready to assist you.

WordPress hosting that is built around you

We designed our WordPress cloud platform to boost your online journey no matter how far you want to go. Whether you manage one or many WordPress sites, and whether you are just getting started online or you are scaling up your successful business: our platform will drive your growth.

For business owners

You will love our integrated tool to create a professional WordPress site in minutes without any coding skills. If you already have a WordPress site, then we migrate it for free.

For e-commerce

Your WooCommerce store will benefit from faster load times and better conversion rates thanks to our global enterprise CDN and super fast in-memory PHP and database caching.

For high traffic sites

Your popular WordPress site will be ready to handle large traffic spikes thanks to our global enterprise CDN network and the ability to instantly scale up resources.

For agencies & freelancers

Your customers deserve only the best. Partner with us to deliver fast, secure and scalable WordPress hosting to your customers, so you focus on managing and growing your agency.

For service providers

Our co-branded managed private cloud solution allows service providers to bring our modern all-in-one WordPress cloud platform to their local markets.

Powered by a team of hosting veterans

CloudPress is powered by a dedicated team of seasoned hosting specialists. Our experts are located in the Netherlands, Emirates, and the US, collectively boasting over 20 years of industry experience. Throughout our journey, we have successfully built and managed a diverse range of hosting and cloud platforms, catering to our own needs as well as those of other service providers.

With our extensive expertise, we currently administer WordPress hosting for 10,000+ sites and 500+ digital agencies. Scaling and safeguarding WordPress websites is second nature to us, as we know how to resolve both common and uncommon issues associated with WordPress hosting.

Our main goal is to help our customers to launch and expand their business online. Designed specifically for this purpose, CloudPress offers th all-in-one WordPress cloud hosting platform that integrates best-in-class security and performance features. Whether you’re starting a new business or aiming for significant growth, our platform allows you to begin small and scale up seamlessly.

We partnered with the best

We work together with world-class partners to create the best WordPress hosting experience. Their exclusive performance, security and management features are included on our cloud platform.

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